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Upgraded the server software to the very latest software, to make sure that nothing bad has gone wrong. If something isnt working please either drop Myself, Kim or ProxyJudge a message so we can take a look into it :)


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So over the weekend, PJ manage to get the rest of the code fixed and JR should now be fully online. Should there be any other problems please drop one of us either a PM via the Forum or Leaving a comment.


Server Move Update

So far so good !!!

We are in the process of uploading all the files back to the new server, however there is alot of files. We have noticed that there is currently a problem with the viewing of any topic on the forum, this is due to us upgrading to PHP5 and MySQL5 both of which will require that we have to re-code some of the code within the forum, please bare with me while i get the code sorted and fully working, everything else however should be fine


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